Hurricane Michael devastation
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You Can Join Mingledorff’s to Help the HVAC Community Affected by Hurricane Michael

December 10, 2018

By David Kesterton, President and CEO, Mingledorff’s, Inc.

We are very grateful that all Mingledorff’s employees located in the path of Hurricane Michael were safe through the storm and very fortunate that our Panama City store, while damaged, is still operational.

Hurricane Michael devastationIn the days after this catastrophic storm of historical proportions, many of you, our vendors and customers, have reached out to check on our Panama City employees and customers with offers to help. As a result of this strong interest, we have established an online fundraising campaign through GoFundMe and will be raising money to help our customers and their employees who have been financially impacted by this devastating storm. Our hearts go out to those who have suffered loss or significant damage to their homes, vehicles and personal property. The goal of this campaign is to assist local HVAC professionals with storm-related expenses not covered by their insurance provider. You can read more about the specifics of the GoFundMe campaign at

While our employees survived the storm, the same cannot be said for their homes and personal property. Fortunately, Mingledorff’s is able to provide financial assistance to these employees via our longstanding Mingledorff’s Employees Charitable Trust. The trust is voluntarily funded by Mingledorff’s employees, as well as the company itself. This GoFundMe campaign, however, is a separate effort we have established exclusively for helping the local HVAC contracting community affected by Hurricane Michael.

We ask that you please consider contributing any amount you can to help our HVAC peers affected by Hurricane Michael and to keep the Panama City HVAC community strong. Your generosity will be doubled as Mingledorff’s has set additional funds aside to match all contributions up to $10,000. Thank you for your continued business partnership. We hope you will also partner with us for this important cause.


David Kesterton
President & CEO
Mingledorff’s, Inc.