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How BluePrint Business Communications Implemented Geo-Targeting to Secure New Service Business on Behalf of Mechanical Technologies & Solutions

October 22, 2019

Mechanical Technologies & Solutions (MTS) is a commercial HVAC/mechanical contractor that is based out of Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Naturally, the industry leader’s location offers the company more chances to grab service business within the Triad region (Greensboro, High Point, & Winston-Salem) of North Carolina.

Many businesses in the HVAC realm stand by the belief that marketing and advertising efforts “isn’t how their business works” or that “word of mouth” is the only way they can attract new business.

Fortunately, for BluePrint Business Communications, our client MTS believes in disruptive innovation and gaining competitive advantages on their competition.

With the fall and winter seasons approaching, it is normal for the service side of MTS’ business to slow down. When MTS decided to work with BluePrint, the company wanted help breaking into new markets and increasing service revenue.

After three months of working with MTS, BluePrint Business Communications is proud to have secured new service business for MTS in eastern North Carolina. MTS has yet to have worked in this region and is confident that with a foot in the door they can expand their presence in this location. Additionally, MTS will enjoy reporting an increase in revenue on the service side of their business.

How was BluePrint able to attract this new business you may ask?

The team of marketing and advertising professionals implemented Geo-Targeting on LinkedIn. Studies show that it takes 9 to 13 touches for a consumer to pull the trigger and make a purchase decision. This is why BluePrint set up strategic ads for MTS that reached 1,200 Facilities/Building Managers in eastern North Carolina weekly. These Facilities/Building Managers are the individuals who have the authority to make purchasing decisions. After approximately 12 weeks of advertising efforts, MTS received a phone call from a potential customer in their desired target market looking for servicing. A deal was drawn up and now MTS has gained a new customer.

This accomplishment ultimately proves that marketing and advertising initiatives do in fact have a place in both the HVAC and mechanical contracting realms.

For more information please contact BluePrint Business Communications, President, Brice Connors at 919-559-2317.