LifeWhere LifePulse HVAC monitoring device

HVAC Remote Monitoring Device for All Makes and Models Creates Real Actionable Results for HVAC Service Owners

February 26, 2019

While many OEM’s have started adding remote monitoring technologies to their higher end furnaces and AC units, many HVAC service companies have not been able to capture the real value of remote monitoring because the monitoring platforms are different from OEM to OEM and can only monitor a small population of their overall customer base. Seeing that there is a huge opportunity in this space for a low-cost device that was easily installed and that was equipment agnostic, LifeWhere has
developed the LifePulse 1.0 and LifePulse X units. The new low-cost cloud based IoT devices allow HVAC service companies to affordably monitor their entire customer base and transform the way they do business.

LifeWhere LifePulse HVAC monitoring deviceSome of the advantages this creates for service companies are as follows:

  1. Remote Diagnostics – Service companies will be able to diagnose problems before they happen, and from a remote location. This will allow them to become proactive vs reactive in meeting all their customer’s needs.
  2. Better Employee Utilization – The best technician can use the LifeWhere platform to diagnose the most complex jobs remotely avoiding windshield time and allowing them to help less experienced technicians with their diagnosis. Technicians can then be assigned to jobs based on their skill levels.
  3. Pre-Existing Conditions – Technicians can diagnose intermittent, pre-existing conditions that can be discussed with their customers, this avoids call backs for service on unrelated issues that you were originally contacted for and increases service ticket prices.
  4. New Revenue Streams – HVAC monitoring can be sold as an add-on service to existing maintenance packages or used as a brand new “monitoring” category.
  5. Competitive Differentiation – By having the ability to monitor their customers home comfort systems (HVAC), they will be able to set themselves apart from their competition. They will now own their customers by monitoring their HVAC assets. Having the LifeWhere monitoring device attached almost guarantees customer retention.
  6. 9 to 5 Service Scheduling – This advanced technology will allow service companies to schedule jobs when their techs want to work virtually eliminating after hours and week-end “on call” situations.
  7. No More Peak Rushes – Business that normally peaks during the first hot or cold snap each year can be better scheduled. Having advanced diagnostics of all their customer’s systems allows them to work on problems and schedule calls prior to these extreme weather conditions.
  8. Transparency – This technology allows the service provider to show their customers what is most likely to fail soon, avoiding call backs and providing transparency through the entire process. This provides higher customer satisfaction and in turn, better customer reviews.
  9. Customer Retention – Because “white labeling” of the device and service is available, this will allow the service company’s name on the monitoring device and the mobile application and this will create a “sticky” customer lowering churn rates.

10. Advance Notification Savings To Customers- By diagnosing lower priced part failures in advance, service companies can educate customers to avoid damage to more costly parts (ex. replace condenser before blower motor fails).

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