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HVACR Comfort Pro Now Licensed to Provide NJ Continuing Education Credits

HVACR Comfort Pro is pleased to announce the approval from the New Jersey Office of the Attorney General to offer continuing education credits for their courses.

Joe Navarra, owner/manager of HVACR Comfort Pro, LLC
Joe Navarra, owner/manager of HVACR Comfort Pro, LLC

Five (5) CEU credits are available to Master HVACR licensed contractors who attend the 6-8 hour class which includes:

  • Two Hours of HVACR Laws and Codes – 2015 IRC and 2015 IECC;
  • Elite Software ACCA Manual J, S and D Training;
  • Proper Sizing of HVACR Systems – ACCA Manual J;
  • Proper Selection of HVACR Equipment – ACCA Manual S;
  • Proper Sizing of Duct Work – ACCA Manual D;
  • Proper Zoning of HVACR Systems – ACCA Manual Zr;
  • Proper Testing and Balancing – ACCA Manual B;
  • Proper Sizing and Location of Grilles and Registers – ACCA Manual T;
  • Duct Leakage Testing and Sealing Up Duct Work.

Joe Navarra, president of HVACR Comfort Pro is licensed by the State of New Jersey as a Master HVACR Contractor and HVACR CE Sponsor.

Please visit www.hvacrcomfortpro.com for more information and to register for classes.