iAdaptAir purifier chart

iAdaptAir: The Air Purifier Solution for Seasonal Residents, Rentals and Areas Served by Ductless Systems

October 31, 2018

Air Oasis, a leading manufacturer of world-class IAQ products, recently introduced their iAdaptAir® series of portable air purifiers. Available in three sizes, the iAdaptAir is the smartest, most effective and user-friendly portable air purifier on the market.

iAdaptAir purifier chartBased on a decade of research and study iAdaptAir® intelligently delivers full spectrum air purification. It combines the best high-end HEPA and carbon filters to trap pollutants while its filterless air purifier technologies seek out and break down pollutants up to 1000 times smaller than those trapped by HEPA filters.

iAdaptAir® provides Florida HVAC/R contractors an answer for customers seeking improved IAQ that are unwilling to invest in a duct-mounted air purifier because they are seasonal residents or renters. The units are portable, allowing snowbirds the option of having the benefits of improved IAQ in their northern residences when they reside there. Sized to treat areas up to 150, 450 or 600 square feet, the iAdaptAir® are also the answer for purifying air in homes equipped with ductless cooling systems.

The iAdaptAir® unit benefits include:

  • Allergy relief – Advanced HEPA filtration traps allergy causing pollen, dust, dander and smoke with 99.99% efficiency while the proprietary Bi-Polar ionization clears the air of even the smallest particles.
  • VOC and odor control – Up to 2.8lbs of activated carbon, AHPCO technology, and Bi-Polar ionization are redundant safeguards that absorb and break down odors along with volatile organic compounds on a molecular level.
  • Clean air and surfaces – AHPCO™, Bi-Polar® ionization and germicidal ultraviolet technologies work together to deactivate mold, yeast, bacteria and viruses, not just in the air, but also on surfaces. Up to 99.99% reduction in influenza!

The iAdaptAir® mobile phone app allows for the control of multiple units in multiple locations from anywhere in the world. The app scheduler sets what time the iAdaptAir® turns on and off each day. The controls include fan speed, child lock/night mode (turns off lights for restful sleep), auto-off timer and more. It even displays the current air quality around the unit, so the settings can be remotely adjusted as needed.

Contact Ron McLaughlin and Associates at 727.517.0981 or rmclaughlin@ronmclaughlin.com to reach your local representative or find a distributor near you. Visit www.airoasis.com for more information about Air Oasis and their products.