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Ice Energy Signs Distribution Partnerships to Target Residential Building Market in Southern California

May 24, 2019

Ice Energy, the leading provider of distributed thermal energy storage solutions, has executed product distribution agreements with four leading regional companies to sell, install, and maintain its intelligent residential air conditioning system, the Ice Bear 20. Distribution partners are now actively engaged and working with architects, builders, and homeowners in California. They are specifically targeting those who wish to pair the Ice Bear air conditioner with a solar PV system, in order to create net-zero homes that automatically bypass the state’s new time-of-use peak rates.

“This distribution network will enable us to further expand our footprint in the residential market in Southern California,” said Marcel Christians, co-COO of Ice Energy. “We are pleased to have formed alliances with highly reputable distribution companies who are trained to sell and certified to install our product. We look forward to working together to help customers save energy and reduce their cooling bills.”

The Ice Bear 20 is an intelligent air conditioner integrated with thermal energy storage. It replaces conventional 3-to-5-ton outdoor air conditioning condensers and works seamlessly with a home’s interior air ventilation equipment. It functions as a typical air conditioner during off-peak hours, and during peak hours when prices are high, the Ice Bear uses its stored energy – ice made from tap water – to cool the home. At night, or during solar PV generation periods, the Ice Bear remakes ice to prepare for the next peak cooling cycle when time-of-use prices soar.

Ice Energy’s residential distribution partnerships include Murrieta-based Correy Baker Heating and Air; San Diego-based Emery Mechanical Engineering; Santa Barbara-based H3; and Temecula-based SunRize Mechanical. Combined with the company’s existing commercial and industrial partners, Ice Energy now leverages relationships with more than a dozen energy service providers across California.

The Ice Bear 20 qualifies for California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP) rebate and, for homes with solar PV, the Federal Investment Tax Credit, which together can significantly reduce the cost of purchase. To learn more about the capabilities and benefits of the Ice Bear 20, to inquire about a distributor partnership, or to engage with the new residential distribution partners, contact Ice Energy at or visit our website at

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