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IFS Wins Business Intelligence Group Innovation Award for its Merged Reality Solution

March 01, 2021

IFS 2021 Innovation Award winnerIFS Remote Assistance provides an interactive virtual reality environment to enable remote ‘side-by-side’ working between remote experts, engineers and customers.

IFS, the global enterprise technology company, has announced that its recently-launched IFS Remote Assistance solution has been named one of the business innovations of the year by Business Intelligence Group. IFS Remote Assistance combines remote technology and merged reality to accelerate and simplify problem diagnosis and resolution for any organization working in a decentralized environment. It has already won huge praise with essential deployments during the global lockdown from customers around the world, including Munters, Alfa Laval and Panasonic.

Winning Technology Integration

IFS Remote Assistance unlocks collaboration by merging two real-time video streams in a virtual reality environment to blend a remote expert with someone who needs support in another location, which could be many thousands of miles away. Experts can virtually reach out and touch what their customer or field technician sees in the field. They can telestrate, freeze images, use hand gestures, share pictures, or even add real objects such as specialist tools into this merged reality environment.
Fast deployment – rolled out to over 200 users in 2 weeks in 22 countries.

The IFS solution’s user-friendly interface provides extremely fast deployment in a matter of days, with minimal training. During the Covid-19 emergency, Munters, a leading supplier of sustainable climate control solutions, rolled out IFS Remote Assistance to over 200 users in 22 countries in just 2 weeks—allowing staff to continue to service customers in the field while adhering to social distancing and stay-at-home guidelines.

Global society increasingly relies on innovation.

“More than ever, the global society relies on innovation to help progress humanity and make our lives more productive, healthy and comfortable,” said Maria Jimenez, Chief Operating Officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “We are thrilled to be honoring IFS as they are one of the organizations leading this charge and helping humanity progress.”

About IFS

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