Lt. Michael P Murphy

In Remembrance of a Local American Hero and Navy Seal

March 18, 2020

Almost 15 years ago Lt. Michael P Murphy left his cover position during Operation Red Wings and exposed himself to a hail of gunfire in order to get a clear signal to contact headquarters and request immediate support for his team. Lt. Murphy died in the act to save his team and fighting for his country.

Lt. Michael P Murphy
Lt. Michael P Murphy

In 2017, West Sayville’s Long Island Maritime Museum broke ground and began building the Lt. Michael P Murphy Navy Seal Museum which will serve as a compliment to the Long Island Maritime Museum. The Murphy Museum is requesting any donation, large or small to assist in the completion of the museum.

We are asking you to participate in remembrance of a local American Hero and Navy Seal Lt. Having grown up in Patchogue Lt. Michael P Murphy has made a significant impact on not only the local Long Island community but across America and as some of you may know of my close relationship with Michael, his father Dan, his mother Maureen, and brother John.

If you have any questions regarding donations or other ways you may help please feel free to contact me directly at [email protected] or visit the website at for more information and how you can donate.

We are very excited about the completion of Michael’s museum and want to thank you for taking the time to read about his journey.