Independent Study Finds Dexwet’s Air Filters Captured 99.9% of Air Particles in 1st Grade Classroom in Under 2.5 Hours

May 13, 2021

An independent field study capturing over two million data points confirmed the effectiveness of Dexwet Pure Air Filters in removing 99.9% of airborne dust, pollen, and nano-fine particles such as bacteria and viruses in a classroom in 2.4 hours. The month-long study showed that Dexwet’s innovative air filtration technology maintained superior airflow while filtering the entire classroom’s air volume every 48 minutes, proving it to be a practical, safe, quiet, sustainable, and cost-effective solution for classrooms around the world.

Peter Tappler, one of the world’s top air quality experts, led the team at IBO Interior Analysis O.G. to collect and analyze data captured while first-grade students were attending their classes. The study demonstrates the effectiveness of Dexwet’s filter technology at transforming a heat radiator into a sustainable, year-round air purifier without the noise or expense of added energy costs or replacement filters.

“…we have proven that the products (Dexwet Pure Air Filters) that were mounted on the radiators evidently led to a tendency towards a reduction in fine dust pollution,” said Tappler. “Dexwet’s technology is truly a game-changer as the empirical study concluded that Dexwet filters represent a significant step toward infection prevention. The study also confirmed that students across the world can safely return to schools relying on this technology.”

Dexwet Pure Air Filters are a true innovation in air filtration that allows the highest air flow stream to pass through a patented staggered rod system. These rods are coated in a non-toxic oil solution to permanently capture airborne particles of all sizes while allowing pure, clean air to flow through, making them ideal for classrooms and any other shared enclosed rooms. Dexwet’s innovative wet filter design is also sustainable, as they are entirely silent, require no energy, and can be washed annually for reuse.

“Parents, teachers, school officials, and government authorities across the world have waited for far too long for a solution to bring students safely back into classrooms,” said Gregory Scott Newsome, Board Director and Chief Financial Officer of Dexwet Air Filters. “Our technology has been used behind the scenes for machine health for many years, now Dexwet’s air filter technology can be used for a greater, human health good. We could not be happier with the results of this study as they present real-life scientific evidence that Dexwet’s technology dramatically improves indoor air quality in classrooms.”

Dexwet will offer its Pure Air Radiator filters to schools across Europe through its service partners as a sustainable solution to purify indoor air and provide students with the best environmental conditions. The company is currently seeking partnerships with HVAC service companies in North America as they plan to offer Pure Air Filter technology to the U.S. by June 2021.

IBO Interior Analysis O.G.’s study at Volksschule Hainfeld School, located near Vienna, Austria, monitored the classroom’s air quality under varying conditions during several weeks in February and March of 2021. Their team captured over 2 million pieces of data analyzed to determine Dexwet filters were highly effective in filtering 99.9% of air particles, with the fastest and most effective filtration of PM1 sized particles like airborne bacteria and viruses and the total room volume was filtered continuously every 48 minutes. The study was conducted at the school principal’s request and the Mayor of Hainfeld, who championed the initiative to find a solution to make classrooms safer for students and teachers through the pandemic and beyond.

In 2020, Tappler, who serves as a leader in the Austrian Ministry of the Environment, reviewed Dexwet filters through his private institute and concluded Dexwet’s Pure Air Filters effectively captured particles and would be effective against capturing the airborne SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes COVID-19.

Dexwet has more than 60 patents worldwide and is widely sold for consumer use in Europe. In June 2021, Dexwet plans a U.S. expansion with a new factory and R&D facility to supply North American consumers with its revolutionary air filters.

About Dexwet Holdings Corporation
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