Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott
Editorial, Georgia News

Inside Notes

December 20, 2018

By Curtis Parrott

We are about to end another great year in history. Yes 2018 is almost gone and we have a new year to look forward to, 2019! Looking back, it was a great year with a lot changes and like most of you I’ve been reminded of many things in my life.

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott
Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott.

Tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone, so we should all live our lives for the best today. You have to forgive others peoples faults and sometimes let certain people go in your life and embrace others. You should live without fear because today could be your last. I’ve met many people that have changed my life for the better and that changed myself forever. We all get a little complacent and need to be guided to grow in a positive direction sometimes. I think that’s why we cross paths with others during our life’s journey. Life has a funny way of showing you who is actually there for you when things get tough. Be ready to help others with life’s struggles and protect the innocent. You have to pay attention…lol!

I’ve learned that it is okay to be alone sometimes, to be yourself, and if people do not want to be around you then that is the way it is. This happens to be one of those things we all have to continue to learn over and over again on our journey. I am extremely lucky, like many of you who have a partner (in my case a wonderful woman) and a friend in life that makes me be a better person. Do what you say you are going to do – it makes everyone happier, including yourself.

I want to thank everyone during this holiday season for your continued support, We have a great and thriving HVAC community in the great state of Georgia and it is only going to grow in the future.

The Struggle is the Glory!