Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott
Editorial, Georgia News

Inside Notes: Frogs Are Our Friends

September 28, 2019

By Curtis Parrott

Speaking of things we can’t do without in our world, frogs is one of them. Yes, our friends the frogs! There are about 4,810 species known species of frogs in the world and our little buddy, the frog, has been around the earth for at least 250 million years. The problem is, in the past 35 years, they’ve been dying off in unprecedented numbers. Nearly one-third of the world’s amphibious species are threatened. Scientist have reported that in the past two decades, 168 species alone went extinct.

Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott
Georgia Director, Curtis Parrott.

Why is this so important to us as the human race? Well, the major issue is our own survival as a species. See, if all the frogs along with all the other amphibians were to die off, that would be one of the major indicators that we are living on a sick and dying plant.

There are many culprits in this drama for the poor frogs. They have issues combating deadly fungus, loss of habitat, invasive species, global changes, and human intervention. We all know that starts a chain reaction. One event can change the outcome of an unknown future.

I think I’m a somewhat reasonable man, though some may disagree (lol), but it seems to me that you can’t keep using the earth as a toilet, clogging it up and not expect things to back-up and start getting stinky.
Now, I’m not a proponent of the radical climate change folks. I mean we have really caused a massive problem ourselves, no doubt about it, but we can start to clean and recycle with enough effort to make a change. One thing we can’t do is change the natural order of the earth and how it reacts with the universe.
We need a goal, a mission to move forward. Don’t wait till tragedy strikes to make a change.

Our world desperately needs to be cleaned up on a global basis by all nations, but it’s a lot bigger than that. It’s cosmic, something we can’t get our minds around yet.

So, until we figure it all out we have to pay attention to our friends, the frogs, unless we want to go toward the same demise. For the way they go, we will certainly follow.

Keep the Faith!