Pete Gardner

Inside Seer: A Solution for Increased Business in RV’s

October 19, 2019

By Pete Gardner

I have been very interested recently in studying the RV industry and have been watching YouTube videos about the RV lifestyle. In many of the videos and stories there are many situations where the refrigeration units in these vehicles have problems and/or need maintenance. What I can see is a need for HVAC/R technicians to get involved in this area and make more money.

Pete GardnerThe HVACR industry is losing out on millions of dollars every year on mobile service, sales, installation and service for HVAC/R appliances. Why? Fear of two letters, RV! There are over 50 million units needing service in the USA today and that number grows every day because about 10 thousand baby boomers are retiring each day.

Recreational Vehicle (RV) HVAC/R appliances are the units that your techs normally work on in a customer’s home, only in this case, the home is on wheels. There is a big demand for service technicians who can work on RV appliances, because over 95% of RV service centers currently do not recondition and recharge RV refrigerators or air conditioners. When there is a leak in the cooling unit, they tell the RV owner to throw it away and buy a new one. I have even seen RV owners installing Mini Split systems on these vehicles as well as residential style refrigerators. HVAC/R technicians can greatly enhance their careers and earn $140 per hour, or more, by reconditioning RV refrigerators. To learn more, attend an RV refrigeration training seminar.

Take notice of this and maybe you can open up a new area of business and help this segment of the industry.

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