Pete Gardner

Inside Seer: This Summer is Brutal

August 31, 2019

By Pete Gardner

WOW has it been hot, humid, and rainy. It has definitely been brutal this season with this summer’s weather with high temperatures and massive thunderstorms in the Central and Southern US and across the East Coast. As we have witnessed over the last several years, weather like this seems to be the norm and may even be getting worse.

Pete GardnerAs you may have seen on the news, many areas on the east coast have been devastated by the weather patterns from Maine to Georgia and some of the Mid Central areas. Communities and people have been caught totally by surprise by rising waters, bridge collapses and many other weather-related catastrophes.

There is no absolute way to prepare enough for situations that occur from weather conditions. I am sure if you are paying any attention to the reports in the media you can plainly see the destruction and deaths that are occurring due to these storms. Flash flooding, power outages and major financial loss seem to be increasing every season.

It is quite nice to see how some companies have been trying to help victims. I have seen many in the HVAC/R industry step up and help in several areas that were affected by these storms. Some distributors and contractors that I have spoken to are helping with flood relief programs. Companies who have been of help for these areas deserve a great amount of praise and appreciation. It’s always nice to see the humanitarian side of businesses when people are in need.

If any of you have the means to contribute to any relief programs for the victims of these areas, please do so. I am sure that your contributions will be greatly appreciated by all.