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JB Launches A2L Compatible Wireless Digital Tools

March 18, 2024

JB Industries, the premier manufacturer of American-made HVACR tools and equipment, has announced the launch of a wireless tool suite under the CLIMATE CLASS brand.  CLIMATE CLASS tools offer technicians flexible options and the latest technology for reading and measuring systems. The A2L Compatible product line features built-in screens, so that each tool can be used independently for immediate readings or they can be seamlessly paired together for more dynamic measurements. Further, the wireless capability of CLIMATE CLASS tools allows HVAC professionals to view readings and access diagnostics with the industry’s popular measureQuick App or JB’s free, proprietary App, JB GO V2.

The CLIMATE CLASS lineup includes two wireless digital Manifold models, (The Revolver and the Zeppelin), wireless temperature clamps, wireless pressure probes, wireless psychrometers, and a wireless digital vacuum gauge.  Also available are two kits that include probes and clamps and one that also adds the psychrometers, each coming with its own zip-up tool bag.

“We strive to continuously improve the user’s experience as we engineer new products,” says Dave Madden, Director of Engineering at JB. “CLIMATE CLASS tools give technicians the flexibility they need to do their jobs the way they see fit.  If they need a quick reading, they can use each tool standalone with its digital screen.  When a comprehensive system snapshot is required, the tools intelligently pair together.”

CLIMATE CLASS’ compatibility with the measureQuick App is a significant benefit of this line.  “We’re thrilled to have partnered with JB on CLIMATE CLASS,” says Jim Bergmann President at measureQuick. “The JB brand is synonymous with American quality, and this line is no exception.  By pairing it with the measureQuick App, technicians can supercharge these tools to go beyond measurements.  We’re talking about rich diagnostics, data logging, and record-keeping all in one place.”

Another important feature of the CLIMATE CLASS line of tools is its compatibility with A2L refrigerants.  “As equipment manufacturers make air conditioners and heat pumps with higher energy efficiency and alternate refrigerants, the accuracy of measurements and calculations is more important than ever.  JB is dedicated to preparing our wholesale customers and technicians for the industry’s shift to Class A2L refrigerants,” says Jeff Cherif President of JB Industries.  “Technicians can work safely and efficiently with A2Ls with our CLIMATE CLASS tools and feel confident that they’ve been manufactured with the attention to detail and quality they’ve come to expect from JB.”

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Media Contact:  Melissa Bennett Director of Marketing