The No Freeze Control board kit.

KBE, Inc. Releases the No Freeze Control, the First Safety Control of Its Kind for the HVACR Industry

July 10, 2019

KBE, Inc., announces a brand-new product for the HVACR market. The No Freeze Control permanently stops the evaporator coil from freezing, while protecting other vital components from being damaged.

The No Freeze Control board kit.
The No Freeze Control board kit.

After years of research, development, and testing, here’s how it works. The No Freeze Control board is a printed circuit board designed to anticipate the freezing of the evaporator coil in the HVACR unit and interrupt power to the unit in order to prevent the evaporator coil from icing or freezing up. Once the evaporator coil temperature drops to 29°F the sensor that is connected to the evaporator coil u bend, alerts the No Freeze Control board. As a result, the No Freeze Control board interrupts power through the low voltage wiring connected to the condenser of the HVACR unit, shutting it down. The blue indicator light on the board will flash, indicating that the unit has been shut down as the result of the No Freeze Control board having anticipated the freezing up of the evaporator coil. The unit will remain, without power and unfrozen, until it has been serviced by a licensed HVACR technician. After having serviced the unit, the technician presses the reset button to restore power to the HVACR unit, at which time the blue indicator light will cease flashing, becoming solid. The HVACR unit, having been serviced, will resume functioning as normal.

“It is with great happiness and genuine excitement that we are releasing this product,” said Kirk Dorsch, CEO and co-founder of KBE, Inc. “To finally be able to bring my long time vision to reality, is amazing! As a former HVACR technician, the freezing of the evaporator coil was a constant problem, mess, and time waster, no longer!”

The No Freeze Control board not only prevents the evaporator coils from freezing, it also prevents problems caused by the freezing such as the potential risk of: mold, mildew, carbon dioxide, flooding, and property damage due to the melting ice, which can release over 30 gallons of water! The No Freeze Control board has the potential to save the homeowner/ business and the insurance company thousands of dollars on repairs and claims. Furthermore, the No Freeze Control board prevents the condenser and the compressor, as well as other vital parts of the HVACR system from becoming damaged by the continued operation of the HVACR unit during a freeze-up event. Due to these reasons, the No Freeze Control board has industry-wide appeal. The No Freeze Control board is certified by Intertek and is approved for the US and Canada.

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