Lennox Store's David Plauche & Ryan Lauga

Lennox Store in Harahan has Veto Pro Pac

November 14, 2018

Ryan Lauga and David Plauche are proud of the quality of the products they offer to their customers at the Lennox Store in Harahan. Among the many high-end offerings, they have available is the Veto Pro Pac tool bag line.

Lennox Store's David Plauche & Ryan Lauga
Lennox Store’s David Plauche & Ryan Lauga

David Plauche has been a warehouseman at the Lennox Store for the last two years and David agrees with the Veto Pro Pac imprint that says, “Tool bags that work.”

Ryan Lauga has been the Harahan warehouse floor lead for six years. Ryan likes that the Veto Pro Pac line has a product that will fit just about any mechanic’s needs. He also likes the Veto Pro Pac philosophy that states “We know your tools mean a lot to you. That’s exactly why you mean a lot to us.”

Ryan and David invite you to come by the Harahan Lennox Store and see their complete offering of the Veto Pro Pac tool bags.