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Making Your Website ADA Compliant

August 03, 2019

Contributed by Steve Fales

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) has never been given a clear interpretation regarding website compliance. Our research indicates that some attorneys are now using this gray area as a way to bring suit against companies whose sites may not meet ADA standards.

Steve Fales
Steve Fales

If your business has 15 or more employees and serves the public, you could benefit from an ADA-minded website audit to ensure that you’re in the clear.

Possible problem areas include lack of the following:

  • Content accessibility to individuals with vision, hearing and physical limitations.
  • Resizable text with a high contrast mode option.
  • Augmented videos with audio descriptions and transcripts.
  • A text-only option with functionality accessible through a keyboard.

Whether or not to have an ADA-friendly website is a business decision only you can make. The risk may be slim, but since this has come to our attention, we wanted you to be informed.

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