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Mason Industries at A/C Supply

Philip Laiche, an A/C Supply team member at the Harahan store explained the advantages of having a fully stocked Mason Industries bin at their branch.

Philip Laiche at the AC Supply Mason Industries bin.
Philip Laiche at the AC Supply Mason Industries bin.

Philip said, “If a customer needs to support a unit or if he needs to reduce or eliminate vibration on an installation then we will have a product that will fill his needs. Mason has a variety of products that handle many different applications. Within each application they have products that will handle different weights and different sizes. They have neoprene mounts, rubber hangers, spring mounts, and spring hangers, just to name a few of their products. The Mason bin works really well for us at the counter because the products are easily identified as to what weight they will handle so that we can provide our customer with the correct product for their specific job.”

The A/C Supply team invites you to stop by at 1305 Edwards Avenue in Harahan or call at 504-733-5600.