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NT_0321_Johnstone-Supply-Cafferty-Group-Steve-MacRunnel_200x250 March 15, 2021


Steve MacRunnel, Delivery Driver and Warehouse. Joined our team in 2012 and gave us 8 great years helping us where we needed it in the warehouse and deliveries. August 2012 – December 2020.

NT_0321_Johnstone-Supply-Cafferty-Group-Peggy-Lehotak_200x248 March 15, 2021


Peggy Lehotak, Credit Manager. Came to us from the credit department at the old Stockyards Building exchange. May 1994 – December 2020.

NT_0321_Johnstone-Supply-Cafferty-Group-Jeanne-Maida_200x250 March 15, 2021


Jeanne Maida, Warranty Admin. One of Kim’s very first employees. Been with him from the beginning and helped with many different positions. May 1981 – December 2020

NT_0321_Johnstone-Supply-Cafferty-Group-Al-Knight_200x250 March 15, 2021


Al Knight, Sales Manager. Joined us from Goodman Mfg in April 2014 and led our outside sales team. April 2014 – December 2020.

GP_0121_Wiegmann-Associates-Amazon-distribution-center_400x203 January 13, 2021


Amazon distribution center in Hazelwood, Missouri

GA_1220_Johnson-Controls-Ducted-Systems-Academy_400x300 December 23, 2020


Johnson Controls Ducted Systems Academy

NT_0920_Viega-Kansas-manufacturing-plant_400x225 September 15, 2020
FL_0520_Johnson-Controls-Wichita-Plant_400x225 May 29, 2020


An aerial view of the Wichita manufacturing plant
where the products are built.

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