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FL_0522_Lennox-Tri-County_400x320 May 09, 2022


(L to R): Eric Cain (Lennox Territory Manager), Victoria May (Marketing Director for Tri County Air), Lolly and Billy Swanson (Owners of Tri County Air), Chris and Jim Foubister (Directors of Tri County Community Foundation) and Brian Mullaly (Lennox South Florida District Manager)

FL_0422_FRACCA-Educational-Conference_400x267 April 07, 2022


Best-selling author and business coach Ruth King presents
her Profitability Class on day one of the FRACCA Conference

FL_0422_Oldach-Ducane-Banquet_400x267 April 07, 2022


Oldach Group Marketing Director Sergio Sanjenis, Allied East Regional Sales Manager Lauren Zak, Kissimmee Store Manager Jesús Quiles, Oldach Group VP Arnaldo San Miguel and
Oldach USA Regional Manager José Ramos

FL_0422_Johnstone-Relocates_400x323 April 05, 2022


The Port St Lucie Johnstone Ware Group Team: Chris Pearce, Billy Kapopoulos, Reece Herron, Bob Stevenson
and Matt Berger

FL_0422_Ferguson-Vendor-Day_400x267 April 04, 2022


Ryan Bowers, Jeff Tandberg, Nick Dorsey, Jeff Hollar,
Ben Kleser, Steve Philips, Mike Ridgeway and Whitney Duenas in St. Petersburg

FL_0322_Fujitsu-Sales-Rep_200x200 March 07, 2022


Target Sales President
Dan Moody with Fujitsu President and COO Matt Peterson at the 2022
AHR Expo

FL_0322_Baker-Dealer-Meetings_400x267 March 07, 2022


ICP Regional Manager Michael Jacobsen speaks
to a standing-room only group in Ft. Myers March 07, 2022
FL_0322_Paul-Mynatt_200x200 March 07, 2022


Betsy and Paul Mynatt

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