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NT_0121_Omnirobotic-shape-to-motion-diagram_1000x561 January 12, 2021


A diagram of how Shape-to-Motion ™ Technology processes parts and generates a robot motion. By using shape libraries and process models to render a part in a virtual environment, primitive tasks can then be ordered to generate the most efficient possible motion.

NT_0121_Omnirobotic-Self-Programming-Robot-Painting_500x285 January 12, 2021


An autonomous robot paints an aerospace part. With more precise motion and tool control, as well as the ability to follow a holistic plan for each part, autonomous robots improve productivity, reduce consumables waste and lead to a higher quality finish with reduced need for rework.

GA_1120_Mingledorffs-Humidistat_300x195 November 24, 2020


Humidistat model DEHCRCDB

GA_1120_Mingledorffs-dehumidifier-chart_1158x964 November 24, 2020


Optimum relative humidity range for human comfort and health. A decrease in bar height indicates a decrease in effect for each of the items. Chart source: Aprilaire. Data source: ASHRAE, American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers.

GA_1120_Mingledorffs-Carrier-dehumidifier_200x200 November 24, 2020


Carrier whole home dehumidifier

NT_1020_Control-valves-eccentric-plug-style_422x546 October 26, 2020


Eccentric Plug, Rotary Style Control Valve .

NT_1020_Control-valves-globe-style_493x481 October 26, 2020


Globe Style Control Valve w/ Cylinder Balanced trim (sometimes referred to as a hung-cage).

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