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MGM Products in the Big Apple and Thinking Outside the Curb!

March 23, 2020

MGM Products has once again been given an opportunity to provide HVAC accessories to distributors, mechanical contractors and building owners in New York City. In Q3 2019, MGM Products was asked to provide 12 ServiceSafe Service Catwalks and Cantilouver Screening for AAON, Kohler, and Evapco Equipment, distributed by Gil-Bar Industries, NYC. The project is located at 420 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn, on the East River and overlooking Manhattan, and was built by ZDG Construction Management. ZDG is a leading construction management firm specialized in delivering large complex projects in the New York Metro Area.

MGM ProductsStephen Buffa, ZDG’s Project Manager, commented, “The experience from MGM Products was fantastic. The owner arrived on site and assisted in layout and design to ensure the existing installations and field conditions would be accommodated. Detailed shop drawings and installation drawings were provided. The MGM engineering team was readily available to assist with installation questions and required field modifications. I was very pleased and could not have found a better experience. I would most definitely recommend MGM Products and their ServiceSafe Platforms.”

Along with the RTU equipment were two large wooden water tanks. Wooden water tanks are a common sight on high-rise buildings in the New York skyline. The tanks are made from western cedar, which is a relatively inexpensive material, with many other benefits such as light weight and is effective in controlling water temperature compared to steel tanks.

In September, MGM Products sent a representative to NYC to survey the project and get measurements to manufacture the Catwalks for the variety of RTU equipment. Another unique feature on many RTU installations you find in NYC is that I-beam steel is a very common foundation. MGM Products patent pending I-beam clamping system was a perfect solution. This clamping system saves the mechanical contractor thousands of dollars in installation cost. Another ServiceSafe feature is that MGM Products now uses an improved Aluminum Bar Grate which is stronger and provides better support to the service technician. It is a safer work environment when you are working on equipment high in the air.

New York City has a new regulation which opened another opportunity. Today, new construction requires that RTU equipment have an architectural screen if it can be seen from ground level. MGM Products builds the Canti-Louver Screen, a patented system which brings weight and wind loading back to a base curb.

MGM Products is thankful for this opportunity and anticipating this project will lead to many more building challenges soon in New York City and across North America. MGM Products manufactures products primarily for the HVAC Industry in three plants on the East Coast, two facilities in Atlanta, Georgia, and Henderson, N.C.

For more information about this project, ServiceSafe Catwalks, Canti-louver Screening or any of the other products and services by MGM Products, please contact us at 800-341-3536.