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Motili Debuts Its Carbon Calculator Providing HVAC Carbon Footprint Impact at a Glance

April 16, 2020

Motili, a leading real estate technology solutions company, recently announced the availability of its Carbon Calculator, a tool created to provide the HVAC industry with the ability to calculate carbon emissions associated with HVAC operations. Motili’s clients, commercial and multi-family building owner and operators, now have access to information that will help them understand the true scale and impact of the carbon emissions they generated for indoor thermal comfort.

Earlier this year, the company announced the availability of its MACI (Motili Asset Condition Index) data tool. MACI allows Motili to utilize information about clients’ HVAC assets (age, condition, SEER rating and refrigerant type) to create a strategic plan to revamp HVAC systems over a period of time. With the Carbon Calculator, Motili clients can identify problem properties and inefficient HVAC units that are making the largest environmental impact.

Motili screen image“Motili’s Carbon Calculator is a rich source of information that can have a positive impact on HVAC installations and our clients’ carbon output,” said Karl Pomeroy, President and General Manager, Motili. “The calculator can evaluate carbon impact by noting the “grid mix” of each city in which an HVAC fleet is located and gives each city a score in relation to the emissions that their grid produces. This number that is used to measure the exact impact an HVAC system produces based on its particular location. We’re already seeing how useful and impactful our Carbon Calculator is and we are happy to introduce it officially.”

The Carbon Calculator allows Motili clients to see five separate statistics. These include the energy cost savings per unit and for all units combined over the span of 10 years, the percentage of decrease in energy use, the kilograms of carbon equivalent emissions that can be saved per year, gallons of gas emissions equivalent and the weight of the carbon savings in elephants. An ROI time is included to reflect the energy savings return versus the equipment and installation costs.

“At Roxbox Shipping Container Modifications, we use Motili’s Energy Savings Tool to showcase our efficiencies of shipping container construction,” said Renaldo Gonzalez, CMO, RoxBox Containers and Modifications. “For example, our container homes are 1 ton and 14 SEER, while large older homes typically have 3 ton, 9 SEER. In the age of climate change and sustainability, customers are looking to act more responsibly while lowering their carbon footprint. This tool helps us easily visualize how we can achieve these goals with our customers.”

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