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Motili Discusses How to Increase Energy Efficiency Through Smart Thermostats

April 23, 2021

In a new video series from Motili,the company highlights PropTech,CRE, multi-family and single-family industry news. Motili’s latest video outlines how residential and commercial building owners can increase their property’s energy efficiency utilizing smart thermostats. This video can be viewed at:

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for about half of the total energy consumption for a typical household. That translates to approximately $900 USD spent on heating and cooling per household each year. Given these statistics, it is important to increase energy efficiency in homes and buildings. One way to accomplish this is with smart thermostats.

Smart thermostats can be used to decrease energy consumption in several ways including scheduling and geofencing, through the use of smart room sensors and through demand response programs.

Smart thermostats can schedule heating and cooling to turn on and off based on when the tenant is home or away. Geofencing creates a boundary around a smart device based on GPS or radio identification signals, alerting the thermostat to when the homeowner is close by and away. This is an ideal solution for people that do not have a set schedule.

Smart room sensors can be placed in any room. They monitor and maintain specific temperatures for its specific surroundings. Smart room sensors can control humidity and ventilation in rooms, as well.

Demand response is a method used by utility companies to reward home owners for reductions in energy consumption. Demand response begins by signing up with the utility and pairing your smart device with them. During high energy demand, users receive a notice that their system is using excess energy. If the user responds and decrease their system’s energy requirements, they will be rewarded through that utility’s specific rewards program.

“Smart thermostats make energy savings easy for the residential or commercial building owner. They are easy to use and the benefits, in terms of cost and energy efficiency, can be significant. Smart thermostats help keep a building comfortable for its tenants, as well,” said Matthew Sallee, VP Business Development, Motili. “As HVAC accounts for half of a home’s energy consumption, one of the central themes at Motili is to seek out the best products and practices to help conserve energy. Smart thermostats are an excellent way to easily make a positive impact on that number.”

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