Nicholson industrial steam trap

Nicholson Features Range of Industrial Steam Traps

February 09, 2019

Nicholson, a CIRCOR International brand, features the availability of its full line of industrial steam traps, ideal for condensate systems, district heating, main steam systems, process control, and process heating. The product line includes mechanical, orifice, thermostatic, thermodynamic, and clean steam designs. A global network of technically trained Nicholson applications experts can help with steam trap sizing and selection.

Nicholson industrial steam trapNicholson mechanical steam traps feature the fluid level and venting capabilities of a thermostatic trap, and are available for pressures up to 650 pounds per square inch gauge (psig). These cast iron or cast steel traps operate in maximum temperatures up to 1382°F (750°C) and are offered in sizes ranging from ½-inch to 2-inches. Mechanical steam traps also include the Nicholson NTD, which remains closed until trapped vapors inside condensate, allowing the disc to release and the process to repeat.

Nicholson DFA and DUA orifice steam traps provide consistent condensate removal via virtually maintenance free devices that discharge air, condensate and all other non-condensable gases with minimal live steam loss. Handling pressures up to 3000 psig, orifice steam traps are available in stainless steel or cast steel with maximum temperature range of 1562°F (850°C) and sizes ranging from ½-inch to 2-inches.

The Nicholson thermostatic steam trap product range spans applications from critical tracing to high capacity process. High sensitivity, immediate air venting, and exceptional thermal efficiency are the hallmark of these steam traps, which use temperature-sensitive bellows to open or close. Available to handle pressures up to 650 psig, the thermostatic steam traps are offered in cast iron or cast steel with maximum temperature range of 1382°F (750°C) and sizes ranging from ½-inch to 2-inches.

Nicholson features a wide variety of thermodynamic steam traps to accommodate applications through 600 psi. Most models use Nicholson’s exclusive Celtron® cartridge, which facilitates inline maintenance while simultaneously providing superior performance. The all-stainless NTD 600 is the value leader of the line, providing the performance Nicholson users have come to expect in a conventional recognizable design.

Clean steam designs by Nicholson provide a high purity steam that is sterile and pyrogen free. Ideal for use in pharmaceutical, biotechnical, electronics, food, and cosmetics industries, Nicholson designs are based on extensive research and development. From the revolutionary CDH series to the value-oriented DS100 series, Nicholson innovations set the standard for clean steam management.

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