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Noland’s Coil Line Machine Produces

Richard Roshto has spent a good part of his life fabricating sheet metal. When the Noland Company in Baton Rouge invested in a computerized coil line machine, Richard was the natural choice to operate it. What used to take a series of sheetmetal break bends, as well as a series of other machines to fabricate, is now done in basically one step. The time being saved is incredible.

Richard Roshto operates the coil line machine.
Richard Roshto operates the coil line machine.

The coil line machine allows Richard to make supply plenums, return air plenums, as well as lengths of square duct. In addition, the ductwork can be insulated or non-insulated depending on the customer’s job requirements. Since coil line machine is computerized, a program can run 24/7 which means large duct jobs can be manufactured in a very short period of time. As Richard says, “It produces, produces, produces.”

The Noland Company is so sure of their coil line machine’s efficiency that their policy is that if a customer calls in a plenum order, it will be ready and waiting at the counter in 30 minutes or the plenum is free.