Yoky Matsuoka

Panasonic Announces Personnel Change

October 31, 2019

Panasonic Corporation recently announced the appointment of Yoky Matsuoka as a CEO of Panasonic, effective October 17, 2019.

Yoky Matsuoka
Yoky Matsuoka

In order for Panasonic to continue its contribution to society as a “Business that Updates Lifestyle,” it needs to strengthen management structure and adopt new business models. As announced in the New Mid-term Strategy, one of the key strategies is to transform its hardware business with software and services.

To propel these initiatives, the company invited Yoky Matsuoka, former Vice President of Google and CTO of Nest, to join the Panasonic executive team. She brings world-leading technical expertise and consumer product development to Panasonic.

With such a wealth of experience and knowledge, Yoky will lead the creation of new products and services beyond the existing business and organization. She will collaborate with various business divisions, and drive innovation by creating products and services that will improve the quality of life for people in meaningful ways.

She will be based in Silicon Valley in the USA, assuming her role in leadership, as a CEO of Panasonic.