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Panasonic Introduces Next Generation Intelli-Balance 100 Energy Recovery Ventilator with Boost Capability

October 14, 2020

Panasonic, a leading provider of ventilation and indoor air solutions to the building industry, today announced its next generation Intelli-Balance™ 100 Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) with an occupant-controlled Boost function. With the flip of a switch, Boost increases the fan speed to the highest setting, increasing airflow on demand, and is ideal when large gatherings in the home require greater ventilation. Intelli-Balance 100 ERV is engineered with versatile installation and healthy indoor air quality for single and multi-family dwellings to deliver high-performing, cost-effective balanced ventilation. Intelli-Balance is designed to operate at peak performance in every climate zone, increasing its adaptability for health-conscious homebuilders and homeowners across North America.

“With more people now working from home and staying inside more, we’ve made our top-selling Intelli-Balance 100 Energy Recovery Ventilator even more powerful to deliver cleaner indoor air and healthier living,” said Steve Hamlin, Vice President of Indoor Air Quality Sales, Marketing, Planning & Development for Panasonic Life Solutions Company of America, a division of Panasonic Corporation of North America. “Healthy living begins at home, which starts with cleaner, fresher indoor air quality. It’s our mission to equip the building and remodeling industry with the best ventilation solutions to deliver healthy homes to people. With the new Intelli-Balance 100 ERV with Boost, we believe we’ve done that.”


Balanced ventilation and code compliance  

Intelli-Balance 100 ERV delivers a balanced ventilation solution that promptly exhausts stale, polluted air from the home and brings in fresh, filtered outdoor air. Balanced ventilation is increasingly used as a highly effective indoor air quality strategy for builders of today’s energy efficient homes and multi-family buildings that require tight building envelopes to meet strict energy efficiency standards and ventilation codes. Balanced ventilation introduces new air into the home and removes old air from the home at the same time, through an “air exchange” process. It serves as the primary ventilation approach among builders and HVAC professionals for high performance, energy-efficient homes.

Boost quickly improves indoor air quality in any room of the home or apartment where air suddenly becomes undesirable or contaminated from sources such as cooking vapors, crowds, smoke, bad odors, and the like. On an everyday basis, its ‘set it and forget it’ operation provides consistent, predictable airflow and also helps reduce virus and bacterial exposure.

Powerful dual ECM motors

Intelli-Balance™ 100 uses twin ECM brushless motors with built-in SmartFlow™ technology to deliver powerful, precision ventilation that moves air. When the internal sensors detect static pressure, fan speed automatically increases to ensure optimal CFM (cubic feet per minute) output regardless of complicated duct runs. Both ECM motors are rated for continuous run and are totally enclosed for quiet, long-life operation.

Multi-speed selector and customizable airflow 

Intelli-Balance™ 100 includes an innovative on-board multi-speed selector that provides the unique ability to easily select your required air supply power and exhaust airflow in escalating increments of 50-60-70-80-90-100 CFM, with the turn of a dial located on the device. This customizable airflow capability allows you to create positive pressure, negative pressure, or balanced ventilation within the home.

Fresh tempered air 

Indoor and outdoor air pass through a capillary core designed to transfer heat and moisture, which tempers supply air. The core’s high latent energy (moisture) transfer makes Intelli-Balance 100 ideal for use in most climate zones. It helps expel moisture during times of high relative humidity and helps return moisture back inside during drier winter months, providing a healthier, more comfortable living environment in nearly all regions. Includes one MERV 8 filter, upgradable to MERV 13 filters to filter and control large and small particles including pollen, mold spores, pet dander, cigarette smoke, lint, carpet fibers and other undesirable particulate matter.

“We know contractors’ reputations are always on the line and word of mouth is important to their businesses, which is why we’re focused on continuously upgrading our industry-leading ventilation solutions,” Hamlin says. “That’s why they’ve relied on Panasonic for over 25 years to help them deliver healthier homes for their customers.”

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