Michael Alaniz and Todd Walley

Parker Sahara Series Driers at Cool It Supply

January 06, 2021

Todd Walley and Michael Alaniz recently were proudly displaying their Parker Sahara Series filter driers on the counter of the Cool It Supply store in Pineville, Louisiana.

Michael Alaniz and Todd Walley
Michael Alaniz and Todd Walley

Todd was saying “My customers want a quality drier, but often need to buy it at an affordable price. Parker offers the Sahara Series at a competitive price and with the Sahara Series you get a lot extra benefits that come in a small package. One of my favorites is the 5SSBF3S bi-flow drier designed specifically for heat pump applications. It comes with a high capacity solid core design that provides excellent moisture and acid protection in both air conditioning and heat pump systems. Its unique patented spherical shape minimizes pressure drop and reduces refrigerant requirements while coming in a smaller footprint. Parker provides a trusted brand name with a well-built product that has a 500-hour salt spray paint, solid copper fittings for easy brazing and a 10-micron outlet filter. Did I mention that it as made in the U.S.A?”

Michael mentioned, “our customers tell us they are often jammed for space when installing a drier and they like the fact that they can use a product that will capture the same amount or more of the contaminants and moisture while having a smaller footprint. This is because of the patented spherical shape and the solid core design constructed of 100% molecular sieve to maximize water absorption. They say they get the best of both worlds.”

Todd and Michael can be found at 226 Maryhill Road in Pineville. You can call them at 318-704-5767.