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RectorSeal Introduces the Titan Metal Series of Secondary Drain Pans for HVAC Condensate Control

RectorSeal®, Houston, a leading manufacturer of quality HVAC/R tools and accessories, introduces the Titan Metal Series of HVAC air handling and furnace secondary drain pans for preventing residential and commercial property-damaging condensate overflow in the North American HVAC markets.

RectorSeal drain pansThe Metal Series addition to the Titan product line’s Flexible Series DexElar® resin models now offers a comprehensive selection of secondary drain pan styles and sizes that will now accommodate any local code mandate or HVAC/R contractor preference. The Titan Metal Series features 24-ga. seamless, one-piece galvanized metal construction with fortifying reinforcement creases/indentations and rolled edges, but offers better pricing and craftsmanship compared to most local metal custom fabrication shops.

Each pan offers drain line installation flexibility with a 3/4-inch-diameter (19-mm) drain outlet on the width and long sides and comes with a PVC cap fitting and a drain line female fitting, both that include a tight-fitting, pliable rubber washer. The Metal Series can be combined with RectorSeal’s Safe-T-Switch® or AquaGuard drain pan condensate detection/cut-off switches that shut down the equipment to prevent property damage if a drain pan blockage occurs. It is also compatible with All-Access mechanical float switches, drain line cleanout devices and supporting condensate management accessories.

The Titan Metal Series has eight sizes that fit the majority of air handler and furnace brands and models: 24 x 36-inch (609 x 914-mm); 26 x 26-inch (660 x 660-mm); 30 x 66-inch (762 x 1,676-mm); 32 x 36-inch (812 x 914-mm); 32 x 48-inch (812 x 1,219-mm); 32 x 62-inch (812 x 1,574-mm); 30 x 60-inch (762 x 1,524-mm); and 30 x 30-inch (762 x 762-mm).

Other Titan Metal Series benefits include:

  • Complies with the International Residential Code (IRC) and International Mechanical Code (IMC) mandates for secondary pans to prevent property water and mold damage caused by condensate overflow;
  • Can be installed on a hung or floor-mounted air handlers and furnaces;
  • Seamless, rolled-edge design eliminates sharp edges that can cut hands and snag clothing;
  • One-year warranty;
  • Nest-able design allows space-saving wholesale distribution storage stacking;
  • Stronger and more durable than the HVAC industry standard 26-ga. metal drain pans;
  • Like the Flexible Series, the Metal Series won’t crack, split or rust.

For additional information on Titan secondary condensate drain pan products, please visit www.rectorseal.com/Titan; or for other RectorSeal HVAC/R products, visit www.rectorseal.com email: marketing@rectorseal.com; or call 800-231-3345.

About RectorSeal

The RectorSeal LLC is a leading manufacturer of chemical and specialty products designed for professional tradesmen. Steady growth over the years has been maintained through a commitment to providing high quality products and services. With a diversified business strategy, RectorSeal aggressively pursues new and unique technologies to serve the plumbing, heating, air conditioning, electrical and construction industries. RectorSeal is devoted to providing innovative quality products supported by strong customer and technical service. For more information, visit www.rectorseal.com, email: marketing@rectorseal.com or call (800) 231-3345.