Reliable Controls Next-Generation VAV Controller Now Available with MS/TP Communications

July 27, 2023

Victoria, BC—Reliable Controls has launched a new model of its next-generation VAV controller, the RC-FLEXair®, that communicates via MS/TP.


The RC-FLEXair is a BACnet Building Controller ideal for a wide range of variable air volume and room control applications. The MS/TP model of the RC-FLEXair natively supports BACnet MS/TP and can be installed in any location where customers previously used the Reliable Controls MACH-ProAir™ controller.

With a modular architecture, an open-source Linux-based operating system, a high-performance multicore processor, and tons of non-volatile memory, the RC-FLEXair MS/TP model is a dynamic, advanced VAV controller that will empower building owners with confidence today and in the future.

“The new RC-FLEXair MS/TP is incredibly performant,” says James Puritch, vice president of R&D at Reliable Controls. “When fully loaded with an extensive application panel file, the RC-FLEXair MS/TP is over 24 times faster than the MACH-ProAir running the same programming.”

This new controller model also includes a soft end-of-line switch that applies resistance across the end of the line in an MS/TP network to ensure good network communication.

Reliable Controls rigorously engineers its products to be backward compatible with all previous-generation controllers, minimize their impact on the environment, and provide years of dependable service. Like all Reliable Controls hardware, all models of the RC-FLEXair are manufactured from highly recyclable materials in an ISO 2015:9001– and 2015:14001–certified facility and complies with RoHS 3, WEEE, and R2 directives to ensure easy, clean disposal at the end of its useful life.

The RC-FLEXair and the new RC-FLEXair MS/TP model are available exclusively through more than 200 Reliable Controls Authorized Dealers in over 45 countries around the world. Find one near you.

Learn more about the RC-FLEXair.