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SAMON Introduces New GLACIÄR MIDI Refrigerant Gas Detector

November 21, 2022
SAMON has introduced GLACIAR MIDI, the simply reliable refrigerant gas detector. Designed to protect the environment, protect people, and protect property, GLACIAR MIDI meets the needs of every user via its range of digital and analogue interfaces.

SAMON launches GLACIÄR MIDI at Chillventa 2022, Product Image GLACIÄR MIDI

Launched at Chillventa in Nuremberg in October, SAMON has reported high levels of interest from both new and existing users of its refrigerant gas detection products.

GLACIAR MIDI is suitable for detection of all refrigerant gases, including natural refrigerants such as CO2, propane, and ammonia, as well as HFC and HFO refrigerant blends.

A brand-new SAMON app allows simple configuration and maintenance of detectors using a Bluetooth interface.  GLACIAR MIDI also includes an analogue service wheel, allowing users to interact with their refrigerant gas detector without requiring any special tools.

Dzenkis Junuzovic, R&D Director at SAMON, said, “I am extremely excited to unveil GLACIAR MIDI to our customers. We have poured over 30 years’ experience and expertise in refrigerant gas detection into this development. This is just the first in the GLACIAR series, we have even more coming to support the refrigeration and air conditioning industries. Watch this space!”

SAMON is headquartered in Vellinge, Sweden, with offices in Spain, France, and the UK, and is part of the Alder Group, focused on sustainability and climate impact.

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SAMON AB focusses on protecting the environment, protecting people, and protecting property. SAMON AB works hard to create real benefits for society by operating sustainably and safely, and helping customers to do the same. SAMON AB helps the refrigeration and air conditioning industry to reduce and prevent leaks of greenhouse gases by using refrigerant gas detection solutions where the risks are highest. Many refrigerants are potentially explosive, toxic, or asphyxiant, presenting a danger to life and health. A core part of SAMON AB’s mission is to keep people safe who are working in these dangerous environments. SAMON AB is a trusted partner to the refrigeration industry with over 30 years’ experience, sharing the values of sustainability and safety, and designing gas detection solutions that are simply reliable.