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ServiceTitan Announces Industry-Transforming Upgrades to Marketing Pro Software

October 21, 2020


ServiceTitan, the world’s leading all-in-one software and operating system for residential and commercial contractors, has announced the launch of new marketing tools that transform the company’s best-selling Marketing Pro platform into the industry’s only full suite of automated marketing functions.

ServiceTitan’s new reputation and direct mail marketing features equip users to generate, monitor, and manage online reviews and listings and create and distribute targeted direct mail campaigns, all from a single integrated platform.

“With these new marketing channels, it would typically take two to three separate applications to do everything that Marketing Pro is capable of now,” said Ershad Jamil, Chief Growth Officer of ServiceTitan. “Not only does Marketing Pro automate tasks like managing mailing lists, sending follow-ups, and tracking reviews, it’s all integrated so it saves time and effort. And because it’s connected to existing revenue data, there are real, actionable insights and ROI information.”

With ServiceTitan’s new reputation and direct mail marketing tools, users can:

  • Monitor online reviews, increase the number of total reviews, and generate more positive feedback.
  • Maximize and streamline online business listings by providing consistent information across over 60+ websites and platforms.
  • Generate targeted mailing lists of existing customers.
  • Automate the direct mail campaign process so that businesses can trigger postcards to send at the right time.
  • Close the loop on performance metrics and see which campaigns are profitable and which techs bring in the most reviews.

“For years, contractors have known that marketing is important, but they may not have had the experience or tools necessary to identify or implement the most effective strategies and practices,” Jamil said. “We want to lead the way not only in showing that marketing is critical to success for trades professionals but empowering them to build it into their workflows. We think the new enhanced Marketing Pro can be a real difference-maker for ServiceTitan users.”

The reputation and direct mail marketing functions complement the email marketing capability of the original Marketing Pro, launched in 2019. Since launching last year, Marketing Pro users have sent over 40 million emails through the platform and have seen a 12% YoY increase in revenue vs. a 5% increase for non Marketing Pro users. For more information, visit