shecco World Guide to Transcritical CO2

shecco Launches Free ‘World Guide to Transcritical CO2’

April 20, 2020

shecco is proud to announce the launch of Part 1 of the “World Guide to Transcritical CO2 Refrigeration,” a free three-part online resource looking at the global market penetration and potential of this rapidly growing natural refrigerant technology.

shecco World Guide to Transcritical CO2“As the use of transcritical CO2 refrigeration systems increases at a rapid rate around the world, it has become apparent that there is great need for reliable information from a neutral source,” explained Ilana Koegelenberg, Market Development Manager at shecco, publisher of the guide.

To that end, sheccoBase (the market development and research brand of shecco) has undertaken an extensive market study to analyze the current state of the global industry and various trends. “Our hope is that the guide will serve as a resource to help drive the accelerated uptake of this highly sustainable and energy efficient HVAC&R technology.”

When sheccoBASE started collecting data in 2008, the team counted only 140 transcritical CO2 systems – all of which were in Europe. Today, this number is well beyond 30,000 globally as the accelerated phase down of harmful fluorinated refrigerants drives the search for a more climate-friendly alternative. “Most notably we have found that this technology is no longer only used in commercial refrigeration installations,” said Zita Laumen, Market Analyst at shecco. “More and more we are seeing success stories in small convenience stores and even large industrial installations.”

“The global HVAC&R market is changing, and it is crucial to keep up with the latest industry trends and technologies,” added Koegelenberg. As such, this guide will specifically look at the potential of transcritical CO2 – today and in the future. By sharing case-study examples, technical information, policy updates, challenges, opportunities, and even data on the number of installations completed globally, the aim is to help accelerate the uptake of this climate-neutral, sustainable refrigeration technology around the world.

Coming soon!

Part 2 of the Guide will be launched by the end of May 2020 and will focus specifically on the transcritical CO2 market today, as well as smaller convenience store applications, and commercial/retail applications. The complete guide, including Part 3, will be live by the end of June, and launched with a webinar. Part 3 will look at industrial applications as well as future market trends, including barriers and opportunities for the uptake of transcritical CO2 around the world.

Download Part 1 of the “World Guide to Transcritical CO2“

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