eControls Comfort 365

Simple, Low-Cost Solution for Uneven Heating and Cooling in Two-Story Homes and Condos

September 25, 2020

eControls, manufacturer of intelligent wired and wireless HVAC controls, has launched the WC365 Wireless Airflow Wall Control as a low-cost alternative to zoning that improves comfort throughout the home in all seasons. The WC365 wall control manually directs more airflow to where it’s needed so that the upstairs and downstairs spaces are cooled or heated at the same rate, eliminating the common homeowner complaint, “My upstairs is too hot!”.

eControls Comfort 365“The WC365 comes on the heels of our Comfort365 thermostat with patented airflow technology that is installed in residential new construction. We wanted to develop a similar product for aftermarket that was simple to install, simple to use and gives the contractor a great profit margin,” said Mike Beck, President of eControls.

The wireless WC365 is installed on any wall in the home and controls two plug&play, modulating dampers that control airflow to the upstairs and downstairs. The homeowner simply turns the knob to direct more airflow to the area desired. Directing more airflow upstairs partially closes the downstairs damper, forcing more conditioned airflow upstairs. Directing more airflow downstairs partially closes the upstairs damper, forcing more conditioned airflow downstairs. The dampers never fully close and the airflow through the equipment remains unchanged, eliminating the need for bypass.

Contractors will find the WC365 installation quick and simple. The wireless control eliminates all wiring within the living space of the home. Only two wires to connect to equipment R and C and plug&play dampers eliminate wiring errors. And, because the control is so simple to use, very little homeowner training or technical support is needed.

For homeowners, the WC365 provides a comfortable home and saves about 30% in energy at night by directing more conditioned airflow to the upstairs sleeping space and less to the unoccupied downstairs. For even greater comfort and energy savings at night, combine the WC365 with a smart thermostat with a remote sensor in the sleeping space.

When asked what type of profit margin a contractor could expect, Mike said, “Contractors could sell the WC365 installation for about $1,200, which is half the cost of zoning, and make about $900 for a 3 hour installation. It’s really a win-win for both the contractor and homeowner. The contractor makes a good profit, and the homeowner gets a comfortable home and energy savings at half the cost of zoning.”

About eControls

Founded in 1998, eControls has designed and manufactured numerous controls, zoning panels, sensors, dampers, actuators, thermostats, humidistats and whole house fan controls under private label for many of the leading OEMs supplying zoning products and airflow controls.

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