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Solar Sightings in August

Denham Springs – Matt Jarman is having a six-month checkup since he opened his branch. Matt says it has been busy and he has realized increases in business every month. Matt likes all the new faces that keep coming in and not only buying from him, but also telling him what he needs to add to his inventory. Matt mentioned, “The Denham Springs/Walker area is a fast-growing market and we at Solar Supply are glad we are in it.”

Sam Mearridy, Don Dahl and Larry Bentley
Sam Mearridy, Don Dahl and Larry Bentley

Mandeville – Malinda Windham and Hunter Tabb like their Gray Metal products. Malinda says, “They offer well built, well insulated boxes that are available with long necks which our customers really like because it makes attaching flex duct so much easier and secure.” Hunter added “Our orders get here quickly and best of all we don’t get any complaints from our customers.”

Harahan – Don Dahl and two of his customers were reflecting on the looks and the quality of the Luxaire condensing unit in the showroom. Don commented, “Our Luxaire dealers like that the homeowners are pleased with the appearance of the new condensing units when they replace their old units. Not only the visual difference but also the noise reduction makes a very positive first impression.”