SpeedClean Coil Cleaning Guide

SpeedClean and HVAC School Release Free “Coil Cleaning Guide” E-book to Educate Contractors on Best Practices and Real Data

January 03, 2020

SpeedClean and HVAC School have collaborated to educate contractors on the importance of coil cleaning and how vital it is to a thorough maintenance program. They have released a free guide to highlight the correct way to clean coils and share best practices. The complimentary e-book called “Coil Cleaning Guide” provides a real-world example and the data to show the real impact on efficiency and system longevity of cleaning coils.

“Cleaning coils is more than a quick spray of water with the garden hose,” says Mike Hardy, vice president of SpeedClean. “Depending on the coils and the type and thickness of buildup, there are different solutions to cleaning. It’s important to understand which one will be most effective and provide the best results.”

SpeedClean Coil Cleaning GuideThe information included in the e-book contains:

  • Reasons for coil cleaning
  • Broad impacts of dirty coils
  • Challenges to proper coil cleaning
  • Coil cleaning preparation list
  • Cleaning tools for coils
  • Tips and best practices
  • Specific applications
  • Do’s and don’ts
  • Before and after cleaning test
  • Before and after cleaning data

“We want to demonstrate how cleaning coils can impact system efficiency and performance, while also extending the life of the equipment,” says Bryan Orr, founder of HVAC School. “The guide includes a before and after cleaning test that offers data and results from a real-world application to show the impact of coil cleaning.”

You can download the free “Coil Cleaning Guide” e-book here. If you would like more information on SpeedClean’s specialty professional maintenance tools and equipment, visit www.speedclean.com for product and distributor information or call 888-700-3540. You can also check out the “Mini-Split Maintenance Best Practices” e-book that SpeedClean and HVAC School developed to provide education on the proper way to clean and maintain ductless systems.

About SpeedClean

SpeedClean, LLC manufactures and markets industry-leading maintenance tools for the residential and light commercial HVAC maintenance professional. Our products provide contractors with quick and efficient solutions to unique maintenance problems, including cleaning coils, descaling tankless hot water systems, cleaning chiller, heat exchanger tubes and more. Visit www.speedclean.com for more information.

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