Sustainable Ventilation Solutions Gain Traction at AHR Expo

February 12, 2020

WindowMaster Clearline Inc. marks its position as a leading supplier of natural and mixed mode ventilation solutions in the U.S.

Did you have the chance to hear about the new, sustainable ventilation alternatives that are gaining traction in North America? More commonly known in academic circles as natural and mixed mode ventilation, WindowMaster Clearline brought the latest technology in intelligent control to this year’s AHR Expo.

Although they are fairly new to the U.S. market; something which was evident at AHR expo, there is no doubt that these sustainable ventilation solutions drew interest at the world’s largest HVACR conference in Orlando.

After years of research and successful application in especially European buildings, front runners in the field have advanced natural ventilation technology, introduced promising hybrid ventilation technologies that combine mechanical and natural means, and developed analytical tools for the design of these systems.

Last week in Orlando, media, specifiers, integrators, and BMS companies all showed great interest in natural ventilation controls and associated hardware, i.e. window actuators. And with an increasing number of projects being completed with intelligent natural or mixed mode ventilation across the states, it seems that the U.S. building industry is truly starting to embrace the systems and their key benefits (including improved occupant productivity and satisfaction, reduced operating cost, better indoor climate, and a low carbon profile for buildings).

WindowMaster Clearline Inc. is already a market-leading distributor of their own manufactured natural and mixed mode ventilation controls and hardware, and after a recent acquisition, the company has laid a solid foundation for creating a strong business in the North American market.

If you would like to know more about the growth potential and outlook for intelligent natural and mixed mode ventilation in the U.S., or how capitalizing on these ventilation opportunities can help decarbonize the country’s building stock, please reach out to: Nanna Birkedal, PR & Marketing Project Manager, [email protected]