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A.J. Perri Seeks Nominations for Healthcare Heroes to Receive New HVAC Systems and Water Heaters

Honoring healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 crisis, A.J. Perri, New Jersey’s leading provider of air conditioning, heating and plumbing services, has announced the ARS Cares Healthcare Heroes program. The initiative is providing free, brand-new HVAC systems and water heaters to deserving recipients in 24 states — including right here in New Jersey. Since 2017, A.J. Perri has been operating a related program, A.J. Perri Cares, providing free HVAC and water systems for… Read More

Protecting Workers and Customers During the Pandemic

To say that coronavirus has changed the ways in which Americans live, work, and interact with others would be an understatement. Here in New Jersey, one of the hardest-hit regions, it seems as though the state has been at a virtual standstill since mid-March. Countless thousands of residents are now working from home. Many others, deemed essential workers ... Read More