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TFC-JR Portable Cooling Tower Fill Cleaner Makes It Easier to Reduce Risk of Infectious Bacteria and Improve Cooling System Efficiency

Goodway Technologies, the leader in quality HVAC and facility maintenance equipment, announces the launch of the TFC-JR, a portable solution for cleaning cooling tower fill. The small and lightweight chemical applicator is simple to use ideal for contractors and higher volume users. The new product is an addition to the current line of cooling tower fill cleaners. The popularity of the original all-in-one version among facility managers prompted a review to see if contractors could… Read More

Goodway Technologies Partners with Camus to Offer Safe Cleaning Solutions

Goodway Technologies, a manufacturer of innovative industrial maintenance and cleaning solutions, is announcing a partnership with Camus® to offer customers a safe and effective cleaning solution. Camus manufactures gas-fired, high efficiency copper tube and stainless steel boilers for residential, light commercial, commercial and industrial applications. “Camus is consistently looking for new and improved solutions for their customers to help ensure that heat transfer and efficiencies remain optimal. One of the best ways to do that… Read More