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Marketing Tips for the Long Haul

By Steve Fales The momentum created by marketing is a renewable business resource that feeds on a steady stream of ideas and activities. With that in mind, here are some proven tips that can keep you current with your customers’ needs, help you meet challenges with solutions, and boost your visibility. Steve Fales Talk to your current customers. Ask them about their pain points. Offer suggestions and see how they respond. Publish a blog about… Read More

Positively Negative

By Steve Fales The word “negative” usually signifies something bad. But that’s not the case when the discussion is about a concept known as “negative splits.” Steve Fales Negative splits is a term used in the worlds of running and similar sports. It means that the most recent portion of the overall distance of an athletic event was completed in less time than the previous segment of the same length. Instead of slowing down, the… Read More

Company Culture: Perks and Appreciation that Build Team Unity

Want to inspire greater productivity and loyalty among your employees without breaking the budget? Showing appreciation for their efforts is a company culture touchpoint that can boost morale and bring deeper commitment to the future of your business. Steve Fales Here are some low-cost ideas that let your team know their dedication is noticed and valued. Celebrate Lighthearted Holidays. From food-fueled holidays that salute popcorn or pancakes to a haiku challenge that encourages the… Read More