Steve Fales
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Marketing Tips for the Long Haul

December 14, 2019

By Steve Fales

The momentum created by marketing is a renewable business resource that feeds on a steady stream of ideas and activities. With that in mind, here are some proven tips that can keep you current with your customers’ needs, help you meet challenges with solutions, and boost your visibility.

Steve Fales
Steve Fales
  • Talk to your current customers. Ask them about their pain points. Offer suggestions and see how they respond.
  • Publish a blog about your specialty or industry. Make sure to update it regularly – at least once a month.
  • Send a newsletter to customers and prospects, either as a hardcopy piece using direct mail or via e-mail.
  • Start a referrals program to reward current customers, employees and vendors for introducing you to new business.
  • Hold a seminar at your office or other location or host an online webinar.
  • Send a book or other appropriate business gift to a client and include a handwritten note.
  • Mail letters to attendees after you attend a conference or give a talk.
  • Get a booth at a fair/trade show of interest to your target market.
  • Produce a how-to video showcasing your expertise and post it on your website and YouTube.
  • Review and update your product or services listing – both print and online. Do you have more recent information to make it more relevant?
  • Remind customers of other products and services you offer that they aren’t currently buying.
  • Don’t neglect the power of your business cards. Take them with you wherever you go and give people two, so they can share one with a colleague.
  • Hire a marketing consultant with whom you can brainstorm and gain additional insights to promote and grow your business.

If you let your marketing efforts drift for too long, the customer with whom you were once well connected might be lost to a competitor. So run with as many of these tips as you can. You’ll then be on track to strengthen bonds and build fresh momentum as the months roll on.

Steve Fales is President of AdServices, a full-service advertising and marketing firm located in south Florida. Serving the HVAC industry since 1998, AdServices has helped many contractors develop top of mind awareness. Contact Steve by calling 800-963-1914 or emailing [email protected]