Dan Applegate April 10, 2021


Inverter Driven: Signal Wire

By Dan Applegate Though at first quickly evolving, the DFS/mini-split equipment has settled into a near-standardization: many of the systems work very much (and look […]

Dan Applegate February 20, 2021


Inverter Driven: No Gauges, Part 2

By Dan Applegate The old-school method for checking these compressors was pretty simple. Sometimes a slug of liquid oil or refrigerant would make its way […]

Dan Applegate January 22, 2021


Inverter Driven: No Gauges, Part 1

By Dan Applegate DFS Heat Pumps, of all manufacture and variety, essentially offer the same great benefits of zoning with refrigerant instead of air, excellent […]

Dan Applegate December 26, 2020


Inverter Driven: DFS is VRF

By Dan Applegate Duct-free systems, mini-splits…all now are using inverter drive technology: Electronic Expansion Valves (EEV), driven by computer chips (EEPROM) which also control a […]


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