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In Today’s Unstable Economy Maybe It is a Good Time to Change Your Direction

That’s right, commit. There’s nothing wrong with that word because you’ve always liked yourself, but have you made commitments to yourself. Here’s a question: How much time have you committed to improving you, and not your company. Why is that important? Because you are the company. Here are a few suggestions. Joel Berkley In the upcoming year, commit to: Refusing to accept anything but the best. It’s a funny thing about life, if you refuse… Read More

Blame It on the Employee

By Joel Berkley “Work hard on your job and yes, you can make a living, but work hard on yourself and you can make a fortune.” Joel Berkley My goal is to challenge your thinking and to assist you in implementing the above statement. The next series of articles are written for the HVAC business owners that are serious about making improvements in their business.  There are a lot of owners who talk about what… Read More
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