New NIBCO Partner Mobile App Launches

NIBCO INC. introduces a new mobile app to increase the convenience and accessibility of its current NIBCO Partner program which offers users an exclusive set of secure web applications. The Partner app makes it quicker and easier for customers to access their account anytime, anywhere, and from any mobile device. “During the pandemic, we realized we needed to be able to connect with our customers in new and different ways. Information needs to be at… Read More

NIBCO PressACR Fittings Improves Installation Method for HVACR Applications

NIBCO INC. launches PressACR™ fittings, a joining method designed for use in copper tube systems for air conditioning and refrigeration applications. PressACR is approved for use with a wide range of refrigerants and lubricants and creates a safer installation as there is no flame or fire hazard with press technology. NIBCO PressACR fittings NIBCO PressACR fittings are UL recognized to 700 PSI and feature a gray HNBR (Hydrogenated Nitrile Butadiene Rubber) seal to help differentiate… Read More

NIBCO Introduces a New High Performance Line of Ball Valves

NIBCO INC. introduces its 585HP (High Performance) Bronze Ball Valves, representing a giant leap in innovation in the ball valve market. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, the lead-free 585HP full port ball valve line allows for easier installation, adjustability, and long service life. NIBCO 585HP ball valve The patented laser-welded construction eliminates the threaded body to body-end connection allowing for a higher operating pressure up to 1,000 CWP and 150 SWP, and operating temperature… Read More

New NIBCO Press Slip Ball Valve Simplifies Installation

NIBCO INC. continues to expand its press valve line with the Press Slip Ball Valve (PC-FP600A-S-LF). This valve is easy to add to existing copper piping, or to replace an old valve without needing extra fittings. The new valve simplifies installation by eliminating two or more connections and leak paths reducing labor time. Ideal for residential use, this valve is suitable for drinking water, HVAC, and domestic hot and cold water applications. The dezincification-resistant lead-free… Read More

Hydro-Core NBP Kit for Lochinvar Noble Boiler

Webstone®, a brand of NIBCO, announces Hydro-Core™ Complete Near Boiler Piping Kit designed in partnership with Lochinvar® for their Noble™ NKB080, NBK110, and NBK150 boilers. Saves time, space and labor with expert-looking results. Fully-fabricated solution includes everything necessary for a successful installation, including insulated manifold with integrated purge and fill valves, copper supply and return lines, boiler connections, and mesh “y” strainer. Choice of Press, FIP, or SWT manifold. Learn more:… Read More

Choosing the Best Under Boiler Accessories for Your Next Installation

In a hydronic system, every installation is an opportunity to improve efficiency. The products you select for the job not only impact the installation of today but the performance of tomorrow. This is especially true when installing a boiler; the components you pair with the unit can mean the difference between a simple installation and a smarter installation. Auxiliary boiler accessories range in both form and function. The best products for the job should be… Read More
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