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Owens Corning Air Distribution Brings Holistic Approach to the In-Home Environment with Launch of AirCare™ Contractor Program

Owens Corning is launching AirCare™ Contractor Program™, a turn-key offering that helps contractors blend consultative expertise with practical service solutions to support in-home comfort, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability. Tested in the field by a cohort of leading contractors, AirCare™ Contractor Program brings a whole-house, system approach to help HVAC equipment deliver its full potential to the in-home environment. Ductwork – a hidden opportunity to reduce energy loss and improve performance While high-efficiency HVAC… Read More

Owens Corning Air Distribution Group Completes HVAC Duct Retrofit Pilot and Expands Contractor Cohort

Owens Corning Air Distribution Group is expanding its duct inspection and retrofit program following a pilot initiative in the South and Southwest. The “duct retrofit opportunity” pilot with HVAC contractors launched in Q1 2020 and engaged a cohort of contractors to evaluate a whole-home approach to HVAC sales. Based on response in test markets, Owens Corning is expanding its residential HVAC contractor cohort. Owens Corning duct insulation in attic. Inspired by data on energy efficiency… Read More

April is Duct Season in Florida

While every home’s HVAC system presents unique considerations, ducts in Florida homes present some special challenges for contractors and homeowners. Ductwork in most Florida homes built in the last 25 years is located in the attic. Not only is this part of the home typically tight quarters for technicians to work in, but its sweltering temperature presents safety concerns. For this reason, contractors find that April is a good time to leverage the final moments… Read More
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