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The ESCO Institute Announces New Refrigerant Training and Certification Program

The ESCO Institute is pleased to announce the release of the Low GWP Refrigerant Safety: Flammable and Mildly Flammable Refrigerants Training and Certification Program. As the HVACR industry continues to move forward and innovate, the refrigerants that were once so commonplace are now being phased down. Replacing them are more energy efficient and environmentally friendlier refrigerants, known as Low GWP refrigerants. Many of these new refrigerants are classified by ASHRAE as A2L, or slightly… Read More

EPA Proposes New Refrigerants for Refrigeration and Residential AC

By Bruce Heberle, Director Alabama/Gulf Coast HVAC Insider On May 29, 2020 the EPA published a Proposed Rule 23 – Protection of Stratospheric Ozone: New and Revised Listings for the Significant New Alternative Policy Program (SNAP). Section 612 requires the EPA to list as acceptable those substitutes that do not present a significantly greater risk to human health and the environment as compared with other substitutes that are currently or potentially… Read More

Nu-Calgon Launches New Line of Eco-friendly Refrigerants

Nu-Calgon has launched the EcoPure™ line of hydrocarbon eco-friendly refrigerants, along with a Charging Assembly that simplifies their use in the field.  EcoPure R-290 propane and R-600a isobutane refrigerants meet AHRI 700 Standard (99.5% pure), and they have zero ozone depletion and very low global warming potential.  The purity of these refrigerants prevents unwanted problems from occurring within refrigeration systems. Non-odorized EcoPure refrigerants include a re-sealable valve on the canister, allowing contents to be used… Read More

Emerson to Present E360 Webinar Exploring Future Refrigeration Architectures

Emerson (NYSE: EMR) announced it will host an E360 Webinar on Tuesday, May 5 at 2 p.m. EDT (11 a.m. PDT) titled “Future Refrigeration Architectures for Meeting Refrigerant Regulations”. It will be co-hosted by Andre Patenaude, solutions director, and Diego Marafon, cold chain product manager, both of Emerson. The E360 Webinar will cover emerging supermarket refrigeration architectures and show attendees how to utilize alternative refrigerants. Although the refrigeration industry is still navigating the unpredictable… Read More

Alltemp, Inc. Completes Reconstruction of Its Manufacturing Plant

Alltemp, Inc. (OTCPK: LTMP), a manufacturer of proprietary, environment-friendly refrigerants designed to deliver significant energy and financial savings, has announced it has recently completed construction and several critical upgrades for the mass production of its products. Alltemp has incurred tremendous interest and demand from large commercial accounts  in The United States and abroad, particularly because companies are interested in the energy savings that Alltemp® refrigerants provide, and due to the final phase out of R22… Read More

Honeywell Provides Educators the Key to Understanding Refrigerants

The growing movement towards more efficient HVACR equipment, coupled with regulatory changes, have been driving forces in new technologies in the HVACR industry. These new technologies have changed the type of equipment we install, tools we use to perform the job, and refrigerants used in these systems. The HVACR industry has transitioned in recent years from CFC’s, to HCFC’s to HFC’s to HFO’s. Adding to these changes is the new safety challenge of teaching… Read More