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New EPA Refrigerant Management Regulations for 2020

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a rule change to the Section 608 Refrigerant Management Program. This rule change has potential impacts on the way in which refrigerants are handled and sold. As such, the ESCO Institute wanted to keep the HVACR community apprised of this ruling. The ESCO Institute will be reviewing this modification to the rule and assessing its potential impact on… Read More

Last Opportunity to Comment on the New EPA Ruling Impacting the Entire HVACR Industry

Contributed by Howard Weiss, ESCO Group On October 1, 2018 the EPA issued a new¬†ruling¬†that will revise refrigerant regulations again, impacting the entire HVACR industry. The current regulations (November 2016) was the result of two years of industry engagement to clarify regulations, remove ambiguity, and to modernize the program. In pursuit of these changes, the EPA actively conducted stakeholder meetings (beginning in November of 2014), presented at industry events, and published their intentions to… Read More