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Co-Founder and CEO Chuck Gates Retires from HVAC Manufacturer RenewAire

Chuck Gates, co-founder and CEO of HVAC manufacturer RenewAire, Waunakee, Wis., is retiring and leaving a sustainable business legacy that will live on to help further reduce the planet’s fossil fuel use and promote long-term environmental stewardship. Chuck Gates The 68-year-old renewable energy and energy conservation pioneer helped build RenewAire into one of the HVAC industry’s leading manufacturers of energy recovery ventilators (ERV) and dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS) based on static plate enthalpy core… Read More

RenewAire Introduces EV Series Premium ERV

RenewAire®, a leading manufacturer of HVAC and IAQ products, introduces the EV Series Premium, a feature-rich, two-model energy recovery ventilator (ERV) that offers the HVAC industry’s best recovery efficiency, CFM/watt and static pressure capabilities. The Premium is a static plate enthalpy core-based ERV that provides North American single-family, multi-family and light commercial buildings with pinpoint indoor air quality (IAQ). The renowned original EV Series is designed with on/off airflows of 90, 130, 200, 240, 300… Read More

RenewAire’s New HVAC Manufacturing Plant Receives LEED Gold Certification

RenewAire’s energy recovery and indoor air quality (IAQ) equipment has helped numerous commercial building owners reach sustainability recognition. Now that same equipment, namely energy recovery ventilators (ERV) and dedicated outdoor air systems (DOAS), has helped the 35+ year-old HVAC firm’s new 111,000-square-foot manufacturing plant achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) Gold certification last month. Exterior of RenewAire’s new industrial building. While the majority of LEED certifications go to high-performing office buildings, educational institutions… Read More

HVAC Manufacturer RenewAire Recognized as “Top WorkPlace”

To be recognized as a “Top WorkPlace–2019” by the Wisconsin State Journal (WSJ) daily newspaper, HVAC equipment manufacturer RenewAire just simply practiced the same indoor air quality (IAQ) principles that it preaches to its consulting engineer, contractor and commercial building owner customers. The 35-year-old firm is a leading manufacturer of IAQ equipment, such as the DN-Series dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) it installed for three employee-occupied areas–the 800-square-foot fitness room, 1,300-square-foot café and 2,500-square-foot sales… Read More

RenewAire Introduces the DN Series of Non-Compressorized DOAS with ERV

RenewAire®, a leading manufacturer of HVAC and IAQ products, has introduced the DN Series, a non-compressorized, fully-integrated dedicated outdoor air system (DOAS) using state-of-the-art energy recovery ventilation (ERV) with static plate enthalpy core technology. The DN Series is designed for sensible and latent load management that can reduce air conditioning equipment tonnage by up to 25-percent in healthcare, educational, multi-family and other commercial building applications. DN Series by RenewAire The DN Series offers engineers and… Read More