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Shifting to Electric Heating Systems for More Eco-Friendly Production

The green revolution is accelerating in many industries, as next-generation electric heating systems gradually replace gas burners. But how can a furnace help achieve a business’s sustainability goals? Here, Daniel Burton, business manager at Kanthal, a provider of industrial heating products and services and part of Sandvik Group, explains how helping customers switch from gas to electric furnaces has achieved results that are worth celebrating. In aluminium production, for instance, each… Read More

Sandvik Group Recognizes Kanthal as Sustainability Award Winner

Achieving zero carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide emissions is no easy task — especially for those operating gas furnaces. To accelerate the green revolution in aluminium production, Kanthal, part of Sandvik Materials Technology (SMT), is using its expertise in heating technology to ignite a step-change towards clean energy alternatives. In recognition of Kanthal’s success, its landmark “Go Green” testing service has been awarded Sandvik’s first sustainability award. Industries such as aluminium… Read More
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